Incoming 9th Grade Athletes

June 18th and 19th

Report to the Athletic office at University High School to turn in your athletic paperwork (Physical, Consent, Heads Up) and receive your UNI Athletics Clearance ID Card. You are not allowed to participate in summer camps or sport season without this Clearance ID Card.

Located adjacent to UNI Main Office, the Athletic office will be open from 3:00-5:00

-    June 18th - Students with last names A-M please report to the UNI Athletic Office with completed athletic packet (Heads Up, Parent Consent Form, and Physical).
-    June 19th - Students with last names N-Z please report to the UNI Athletic Office with completed athletic packet (Heads Up, Parent Consent Form, and Physical).

If you are unable to attend your designated day, you may drop your packet off the other day.

Please make sure all paperwork is completed and signed.

Pep Squad Parent Information Night

Attention all Prospective and Returning Pep Squad Members: MANDATORY Pep Squad Parent Information Night is on Tuesday, April 29th at 7PM in the MPR. Attendance is required if you plan to audition for the 2014-2015 Pep Squad. Very important details will be reviewed at this meeting. Students are encouraged to accompany their parent(s).

Summer Athletic Camps

It is time to sign up for your athletic summer camps.  Please fill out the attached forms and return them to Mrs. Boden in the Athletics office before the end of school.  Credit card payments can be made at the Trojan Webstore.

Summer camp sites:
Baseball Varsity baseball field
Boys/girls basketball Main gym
Cross country Racquetball courts in front of tennis courts
Boys/girls lacrosse Stadium
Boys/girls soccer Stadium
Softball Varsity softball field behind tennis courts
Boys/girls tennis Tennis courts
Boys/girls volleyball Main gym
Boys/girls water polo             Pool deck
Dear Uni Parents,
A parent’s “Coaching Job” is the toughest one of all and takes a lot of effort. Sometimes in your desire to help your child, best intentions can end up being counterproductive. Applying the Rules for Parents will go a long way towards fostering an environment your child can use to enjoy and excel in their sport.

Positive Sports Parenting

1. Make sure your child knows win or lose, that you love them, you appreciate their efforts and you are not disappointed in them.

2. Try your best to be completely honest about your child’s athletic capability, competitive attitude, sportsmanship and actual skill level.

3. Be helpful but don’t “coach” on the way to the track, diamond or court…on the way home…at breakfast…and so on.

4. Teach them to enjoy the thrills of competition, trying, working, improving their skills and attitudes…taking the physical bumps and coming back for more.

5. Try not to relive your athletic life through your child in a way that creates pressure. Remember, you fumbled too; you lost as well as won; you were frightened; you backed off at times; and you were not always heroic. Don’t pressure them because of your pride.

6. Don’t compete with the coach. The young athlete often comes home and chatters on about “coach says this, coach says that.” This is often hard to take, especially for a father or mother who has had some sports experience.

7. Don’t compare the skill, courage or attitudes of your child with that of other members of the squad or team, at least not in front of them.

8. You should get to know the coach, so that you can be assured that his or her philosophy, attitudes, ethics and knowledge are a good influence on your child.

9. Always remember that children tend to exaggerate both when praised and when criticized. Temper your reactions to their tales of woe or heroics they bring home.

10. Make a point of understanding courage, and the fact that it is relative. Explain to your youngster that courage does not mean an absence of fear but means doing something in spite of fear or discomfort.

11. Never approach a coach on game day to talk about your child, before, during or after a contest.

Summer athletics FAQs (normal athletics FAQs can be found here): 

Tell me about summer sports camps.
Summer is a good time to try out a sport, develop athletic skills and do the specific conditioning exercises needed for optimum performance as you prepare for the team tryouts. Summer Camps are offered by most sports. A brochure is available that offers prices, dates, and times for all summer camps offered. At 8th grade family night, coaches will be available after this meeting to answer your questions about summer camp

To participate, each student will need an athletic clearance which includes a signed consent form and a health physical before the summer camp begins. The athletic clearance is valid for one year.

What are the benefits of participating in high school athletics?

As a member of an athletic team sport, your child will develop skills in teamwork, discipline, compassion and handling adversity. The lessons learned can then be applied to school, jobs and family life. If your only interest is for your son or daughter to start or play in every game, you may end up being disappointed. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping your sons and daughters develop to their full potential and encouraging them to feel better about themselves because of their involvement in our programs. We hope you will feel the same way.

Is there a no cut sport that my student can join?
Yes, Football, Cross Country, B/G Lacrosse, Wrestling and Girls Water polo are currently no-cut sports. Commitment, dedication and teamwork, and athletic ability are needed for participation. Tell us your interests by completing the Athletic Team Interest form in your registration packet, or contact the coach.

For tryout sports, each sport provides opportunities for freshmen to try out for the team. Tryouts are held in August for fall sports, September for winter sports and January for spring sports. Tryouts are also held prior the season for each sport for students newly registered after school has begun and for athletes who were in other sports. In general, there are no make-ups for tryouts. The approximate numbers of freshmen who are on each sport are varies from sport to sport. Contact the coach and watch for announcements so that you do not miss tryout day.

My student is interested in team sports. What do I do next?
Complete the Athletics Interest form. This form is in your registration/interest packet provided by your middle school. Turn this form in to the counselors during the registration day at your middle school. We will forward this information to the coaches, who will contact you about the team; summer sports camps, tryouts, etc. You can also express interest by signing up for the sport you are interested in at the 8th grade Family Night in April.

My student wants to be on the 2 different sports team. Is this possible?
Yes, many of our students two and even three sport athletes. The sports teams, however, cannot be during the same season.

What is the Athletic Clearance and how long is it valid for?
To participate in tryouts, practice and games the athletic department must have a signed Consent and Physical Exam form, and proof of insurance on file. This is a 2-sided form is available on our web site in the athletics link. You can also pick up the form either at the athletics office or the front office. Turn in the completed form to our athletic office during the school year or to the coach prior to summer practice.

The Athletic Clearance is valid for one school year beginning on May 16th 2014 to May 15th 2015 and covers all the sports teams offered at UNI and summer camp of 2014. If you are cleared for summer practice, you do not need a new form for the start of the school year.

My student has a doctor’s appointment to get her health physical, but it is 3 days after camp or practice starts. Can my student still participate?
No, students cannot participate until we have a completed athletic clearance/physical form on file.

If my family will be on vacation and my son will miss a few days of the summer camp, can he still be a member of the team?

What is the cost of participating in the athletics program?
As you are aware, schools throughout California have been severely impacted by a recent legal settlement that prohibits districts from charging fees to enroll in public school programs such as athletics during the school year. While some districts have opted to severely restrict their athletic programs, the Irvine Unified School District is seeking to preserve the valuable opportunity by asking for donations from participating families.

Athletic Team Sports are not paid for through general school funds. In fact, these programs are fully dependent on financial contributions from our participating families. Please know that a donation is not required to enroll, and families that choose to contribute may do so at any amount. However, your donations will help sustain these valuable programs. Conversely insufficient funding may result in modification and/or downsizing of our program. Our goal is to continue to offer a quality athletics program, and your donation will help support this goal.

UNI’s athletic program presents an incredible opportunity for our students.  As such, we’re hoping our new funding model is enough to support a quality athletics program in 2014-2015 and for many years to come.

Cabaret Night

cabaret 2014

Colorguard Clinics & Auditions


Commencement Speech Contest


Interested in delivering the commencement speech?  Then here is your chance!  All copy of your speech is due to the front office by May 22.  All the details you need to know can be accessed by clicking here.

IMPACT is now taking applications!

IMPACT is a new student transitional program designed to acclimate new stduents to the University High School campus quickly.  Each and every student has aplace here and we are committed to helping new students feel comfortable and connecting them to one or more of the many clubs, athletics, performing or visual arts, leadership, or other opportunities on campus.  IMPACT is currently looking for the following positions to be filled for hte 2014-2015 school year. 
  • Program Organizers  organize and lead Team Leaders and mentors in the execution of the IMPACT program.  In addition, Program Organizers assist with designing  training for team leaders and mentors and activities for the new students.  Applicants must have had previous experience with IMPACT as a team leader or mentor.
  • Team Leaders have an IMPACT group of 4-6 new students AND oversee 3-4 mentors, each with their own IMPACT group.  Team Leaders are expected to assist other IMPACT groups with facilitation of activities and be a source of information.  Team Leaders report to a specific Program Organizer.
  • Mentors have an IMPACT group of 4-6 new students and are expected to contact those students before the school begins and throughout the first semester, meet with them on registration day, and conduct specific activities on assigned days through the freshmen homeroom.

Training is mandatory and will be on Thursday, August 21 from 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM.  Please, only apply if you are able to be trained. 

To apply for these positions, please click here

Yearbook Ads For Sale

Buy your yearbook ad right now! The form is now available @  All ads must be submitted before April 25th!

Summer School Is Approaching

With summer a few months away, it is time to start thinking about summer school.  As a reminder, summer school is a district wide program that will be located at Irvine High School this year.  Enrollment is handled through the district, not through Uni.  More information can be found in the links below.

University High School Adopts a 7 Period Day and Homeroom!

University High School votes to adopt a new bell schedule that would include a zero period and a homeroom embedded on Fridays.  The vote passed with overwhelming support with 79% of the faculty voting for a new bell schedule and almost 65% voting for a homeroom.

The new bell schedule will allow those students that currently have to come back to school in the evenings to take performing arts classes, like choir, orchestra, band and drama, the opportunity to take those classes during the regular school day.  In addition, students wishing to take courses that are of service to the school, like ASB, Journalism, and Yearbook, could experience those courses without having to sacrifice other electives, athletics, or required coursework. 

The homeroom is designed to provide another means by which faculty and staff could connect to students outside the context of the academic classroom.  The idea is that a student would have the same homeroom teacher for the entirety of their high school career.  Assistant Principal Pate states that “we understand this is not a perfect method to connect students and teachers, nor do we believe that connections can’t be ‘forced’, but for a large portion of our student body, this will be a great place to not only create connections with teachers, but fellow classmates that they would otherwise not have an opportunity to meet and get to know.  As a teacher, it is special to get to know your homeroom students and watch them cross the stage at graduation.  I am confident this will be a great thing for the culture at University High School.”

If you have questions you can see our FAQs.

Weekly Bulletin

Bulletin April 21stBulletin Trojan

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: Periods 1-6
Wednesday and Thursday: Block Schedule

Upcoming Events:

Class Council Elections are April 25

Residency Verification 2014

All 9th 10th and 11th grade students must turn in their 2014-2015 Address Verification Packet by April 30th for the student to continue enrollment at University High School or in Irvine Unified School District. You can download and use the form below, or you can also pick a packet up in the Front Office. The packet must include a copy of the Parent/Guardian’s Photo ID (either their Driver’s License or Passport) and 2 current utility bills. The bills must have the top and bottom portion of the bill. Please turn the completed packet to Mrs. Larson in the Counseling Office. If you have any questions you can contact Mrs. Larson @ or 949.936.7617.

By completing the form, you will be making a formal declaration that your child lives within IUSD’s attendance boundaries.  

Residency Verification and Affidavit Forms with fillable fields
     ​(To type in the fields provided on these forms, you may need to click “enable editing.” If you're having trouble accessing these forms, click here.)

Trojan Thursday - April 10th

An update on our athletic fundraising campaign chinese pta

Last week we launched a fundraising campaign to try to raise funds to make some improvements to our outdated gym. We had a great response from the UNI community. The response shows how necessary these improvements are. If you would like to make a donation please drop off your check to the athletic office. All checks should be made out to UHS. You can also contact Kevin McCaffrey at if you need any additional information.

We want to send a special THANK YOU to the Chinese PTA who has donated over $4,000 towards this project.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this project!

With Spring Break next week there will be no Trojan Thursday. Trojan Thursday will be back on April 24th.

Let’s take a look at how our teams are doing

Girls Track – Our girls track team won their meet v Beckman last Thursday by a final of 68-61. Some of the highlights included Christine Bennett winning the long jump and triple jump. Sarah Stern won the 800 and 1600. Sophie Ogunseitan won the 100 and Carolyn Werth won the 200. Reema Bzeih won the high jump. Lydia Haug won the shot put. Great performance girls. Our girls next compete against Northwood on the 24th.


Upcoming Events

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