2nd Semester Parking Permits

***Parking Permit Update***
Because of an increasing demand for parking on campus we will be instituting a lottery system for issuing permits for junior and sophomores this semester.  All juniors and sophomores hoping to purchase a parking permit for 2nd Semester will do the following:
1.  Beginning finals week, fill out a new parking permit application (they can be found on-line, in the front office or with the Campus Security).  (These can be turned in through Friday, January 27th.)
2.  Complete application and bring appropriate paperwork to the Campus Security who will verify semester attendance, Smart Start training completion, and sign your application.
3.  Take that application to the front office and sign the Lottery Roster for the junior or sophomore class.  Make sure you sign the correct roster.  (Keep your application and no payment at this point.)
4.  Attend the Lottery Drawing on Friday January 27th after school in the MPR to see if you were selected.
5.  Upon selection, you will bring in your application and payment to the SAC and the Campus Security will place a permit on your vehicle.
* This does not apply to Seniors.  Seniors must purchase their parking permits during finals week or give up their spot to the lottery.
**  All current parking permit holders will be able to park in the parking lot until the 27th of January.
*** If we find there are enough spots for the juniors, no lottery will be necessary.
**** Remaining parking spots will be offered in a similar lottery system for the sophomores.
Remember, parking is a privilege which can be taken away if the Trojan Code of Conduct is not followed.  A lottery system is our best effort to make this a fair and equitable process honoring class seniority and late birthdays for juniors and sophomores.
If you have any questions, please see Campus Security or your Assistant Principal.

2nd Semester Parking Permits go on Sale Tuesday January 17th.   See the Campus Security before school, snack, lunch or after school to purchase.  Permits are $40.
Remember the following requirements must be met to purchase a parking permit:
1.       Attendance to a Smart Start meeting at any IUSD campus at any time prior to issuance of a parking permit (only needs to be completed once during high school).
2.       Student may have had no more than 12 tardies (T) or 3 truancies (C) in the prior semester.
Campus Security and your Assistant Principals can discuss these requirements with you if you have any questions.
If you are purchasing a Parking Permit for the first time you must fill out the Application on the “Parking Information” page under the “STUDENTS” tab.

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